Japanese Decorating for Your Home

I ran across a great site that includes decorating tips for your home if you are interested in Asian decor like I am. The site is Kyoto Collection and while it is primarily devoted to selling furoshiki, tenugui, and japanese fabrics, the blog is filled with stories by the owner about life in Japan. Gary Bloom the owner, married a Japanese girl and they now have a 1 year old child.

Here is one charming post that has some absolutely beautiful furoshiki fabric By the way if you don’t know what furoshiki is, they are small squares of fabric that are used to wrap presents or even your lunch. The Japanese use furoshiki in place of paper.

furoshiki cat

Here is a small excerpt;

” I recently came across a charming series of twelve cotton furoshiki wrapping cloths that feature a curious, somewhat mischievous feline named Tama. Tama is a typical cat’s name in Japan, but her name seems to be the only thing ordinary about Tama.

Tama can be seen in various scenic places, among various kinds of flowers. The scene on the furoshiki below shows her at harvest time among the rice paddies. There are rows of vibrant red flowers planted between the paddies, and those are actually what caught my eye when I saw this for the first time, with apologies to Tama!”

Go check out his blog at the website above.

3 responses on “Japanese Decorating for Your Home

  1. Sheila Sparks Post author

    Great post about furoshiki. I got my first one as a gift and used it to give back a present at a later time. I think thats what they do in Japan a lot, swap furoshiki back and forth instead of wasting paper like we do here in the USA.

  2. Imie Craig

    Had the chance to live in Japan way back 2009. I married a Japanese Engineer and he was the one who did our home. It is veryyyyyyyyy pretty! Japanese culture has a lot to offer.

  3. Linda Johnson

    Hello people! I just have a quick question, I’m having this Japan trip on November. I am really excited and I was told to bring back gifts. I do not know how to do Furoshiki. Do you have tutorials?

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